Watching documentary

18 Oct

There are few points that a lecturer said before he showed us a documentary:

Always remember this: Do not take documentary as representation of truth. It is not. Documentary is used to point out an opinion. The facts are build around the opinion. Documentary is not the end of the idea. There are history and agenda behind documentary.

In short, he was saying that documentary is usually loop-sided.

How then you know what is truth? By getting information from both sides. Read widely on various sources. That’s the only way.


One Response to “Watching documentary”

  1. mariani October 18, 2006 at 7:34 pm #

    The teacher’s comment was made before he showed the journalism student (me included) a documentary on the idea of Tony Blair’s spinning the terrorism for his own political gain.
    The opinions and facts that are presented there are pointing that Tony Blair indeed was manipulating his own staff and the public.
    At the end of the show, I must say that I was rather convinced that Tony Blair indeed is a liar.
    However, the reporter who made it was a pro-Tory. So, how much can I trust that it is not a distorted report.

    I also watched a documentary on reporting on Israel-Palestinian war. Only then I realized what a moron and ignorant person I was. With the news and TV kept feeding the view of suffering Israelis, I did not realize that it has been Israel that occupied Palestina, and what part USA has been playing in the game. I am not pro of each side…but at least now I know both sides of the story.

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