Debunking of the supposed-debunking of climate change

14 Nov

I couldn’t stop laughing when I read an article written by George Monbiot: This is a dazzling debunking of climate change science. It is also wildly wrong [article here]. He criticized the series run by Sunday Telegraph two weeks ago claiming that climate change issue was a hoax. The writer, Christopher Monckton, gave his theories and calculations which apparently were unsound [article here].

Monbiot pointed that Monckton used unsuitable calculation formula, already-rejected historical claims, and (worst of all) wrong graphs. He concluded with:

A scientific paper is one published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. This means it has been subject to scrutiny by other experts in the field. This doesn’t suggest that it’s the last word on the subject, but it does mean it is worth discussing. For newspapers such as the Sunday Telegraph the test seems to be much simpler. If they don’t understand it, it must be science.

I wonder what happens to Monckton after this debunking. Last sunday, he was still writing proudly [article here]:

The views of 200 readers who emailed me are in the link above. About a third are scientists, including well-known climatologists and a physicist who confirmed my calculations. Some advise governments.

Nearly all condemn the “consensus”. Most feel that instead of apologising, the UN has misled them, especially by using the defective “hockey-stick” temperature graph.

I am not sure which who is right, but I think Monbiot sounds quite convincing.


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