You no longer live in hospital’s fridge

21 Nov

I saw on TV a documentary on preserved embryo. Two couples opted to keep their embryos at the embryo bank. One couple did it because the wife has cancer which treatment would sterilise her. I don’t know why the other couple did that because by the time I watch, the babies had popped out – the baby girl died, the boy survived. They were very happy to have their only child. When they brought the baby home, the mom kept telling the baby, “Welcome to your new home. Welcome to your new home.” I was wondering about how weird it was to tell the baby ‘your new home’ – where else did he live – until she said, “You are no longer stay in hospital’s fridge.” Now it rang the bell. The baby, in the form of embryo, had lived in the fridge for two years before the couple decided to have it developed.

The cancer lady went through her treatment and got well. She was indeed become sterile and any pregnancy may cause her cancer to relapse. But, she was happy because at least she has the choice. But I can’t help wondering about what will happen to it (I think the embryo is an ‘it’ since it’s still treated as a ‘sample’ rather than as human.). How long will it  be stored? What happened to it if their parents die or decide that they dont want it? Will it become state’s property – just like any other property? What if the parents get divorce? Who gets to keep it?

I remember a science-fiction movie -which I forgot the title – about a bionic boy who was preserved in the ice and when he woke up, the humanity was long gone and aliens were visiting the earth. He woke up to look for his mummy who died thousands years ago. He was lucky. Out of kindness, the aliens recreated his world for him based on his memory. So what happened to the embryos if someone decides to develop them into humans one hundred or two hundred years later? Who are their parents? By then, they may not need mummy’s womb; the technology may be so advance that they can be fully developed in a laboratory. They won’t even have parents. 😐

The presenter ended the show by saying how much happiness the babies could bring to the couples and other people like them. Good for them, but what about the happiness of the humans-to-be? Isn’t it unfair for them to have other people, who are so fortunate to be born before him, to decide not only if they should be dead or alive (as in the case of abortion), but also when it should happen?


2 Responses to “You no longer live in hospital’s fridge”

  1. Doris November 24, 2006 at 12:38 am #

    I believe in Darwinism. So I am not romantic enough to consider the happiness of the humans-to-be. haha…
    Also because I believe in Darwinism, I think the best way we are given birth is the way we do for the last several thoudsand years, not a laboratory one, which is even less romantic…

  2. mariani November 24, 2006 at 9:59 pm #

    Yeah…of course if situation is simple, natural process should be the best. But in the case of cancer lady, I can understand why she wants to preserve an embryo. She needed to take the cancer therapy soon and pregnancy is not an option for that moment. The only possible way to have her own child is by having an embryo ready before cancer treatment and being pregnant afterward.

    I guess people now are less acceptance toward the course of our lives. We always want things to go the way we want it to be.
    There is less living with nature law, but make the nature fits in our law.

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