Heavenly meal

17 Dec


I had a heavenly meal today. It was a bowl of noodle. Well, more precisely, a bowl of instant noodle. But it was a priceless instant noodle. Well, it had a price – less than 20pence which made it accessible even by the rather-poor. Nevertheless, it was priceless for me because I may never find any here.  

Before I came, I bought around 20 packages of them with the excuse ‘in case I miss home’. I carefully planned how to transport them. I packed them delicately to make sure their fragile body wouldn’t break. Alas, due to the forseen circumstance, i.e. overloaded luggage I left them behind. So, sadly, only six made it to the UK and thus their became more precious.

Today, I assumed that I had done quite some hard work that deserved reward. So, my instant noodle, the Indomie, is perfect reward as the night fell and the weather grew colder.

Sentimental reason aside, the noodle is really good. I have tried many instant noodle including the famous Japanese instant noodles, which cost more than ten-fold of my Indomie, but none taste as good. It’s a must try: Indomie Kari Ayam (Chicken curry). Even though it is called curry, it is different from Indian curry. The spices are different. Well, in this case I should say, the chemicals are different. The taste and smell are lighter than Indian curry and the noodle is bouncy when cook with perfect timing. It’s even better when some onion and an egg are added.



One Response to “Heavenly meal”

  1. Indera December 17, 2006 at 12:54 pm #

    Yea! More precisely, Jambi noodle is the best meal in the world. I expect it to be my first meal when I die and go to heaven. 😀

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