Autumn (and winter) in United Kingdom

11 Jan

One of interesting things about four-seasons place is the weather. The place where I come from has tropical climate which consist of hot&dry and hot&wet with a lot of sunshine. There, I hardly has any strong wind or storm. We has occasional man-made foggy days because of forest burning. However, Indonesia is very big, there are colder places at the mountainous areas. But, the weather in the UK is still more interesting.

Last month, there was foggy days which limit the view and prevent the airport from its full capacity and people from flying home. I was on my way to Boughrood when I looked out of the window and saw the forests covered with fog. It reminded me of the movie Narnia when the kids went to the foggy forest. So, the scene is not just imagination, that kind of forest does exist. When I was in Boughrood, there was time when fog formed cloud like shape and hung so low near the trees giving mystical and serene feeling.

Another time, there was a combination of chilly strong wind, drizzle and sunshine when I was on top a hill at Edinburgh. Two half circle rainbows were formed across the city. One looked so close as if I could find one end of it in front of the white building. The soft drizzle seemed like blanket of the city making it felt so dreamy and the ray of sunshine passing in between the cloud gave the sense of hope for the future – that in greyness or difficulties, there is always ray of light. At the moment, I couldn’t help thinking about ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ and for a second, about my own silver linings.









I didn’t manage to touch snow, but I saw it from faraway. The mountains of Scotland Highland capped with snow that, unlike to their grey surroundings, were shiny.

It’s interesting to see so many faces of weather and colors of seasons, and how all those invoke so much feelings. I think the kids here have the privilege to have so much variety to play with their imagination.

I still miss tropical sunshine very much though. I need to draw power from the sun, just like what Superman always does. 😛


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