12 Jan

Only days into 2007, I have already had to give myself a hard pinch which I truly deserved. The thing was I did not get my priorities right.

The holiday mood caught me up so tightly I messed up my last assignment really badly. Firstly, the assignment was not done with maximum effort. I am okay with any results I get as long as I think it is the best I can do at that moment. The results were often not great, but at least I tried my best. Bad results just meant that there were lots of room for improvement. But this time, I am really disappointed with myself because I did not put in the effort needed.

Secondly, I made a wrong judgement. I had a few trips in December thus I put the assignment on hold. Then I realised I did not have enough time to finish it nicely. But, I was due to go for another trip. I confidently thought that I could bring the assignment with me, find an internet cafe to polish it and send it out. But, before I set off, I did not check what kind of computer system used in internet cafes or whether it was actually available at the first place. To make the matter worse, I did not do what a journalist should do when he/she reached a new place, that was to check the communication options available. When I finally wanted to do the assignment very late in the evening, I found that there was no Microsoft Word on the system (too bad that cursing did not help). Worst of all, the next few days spent on the remote areas on the weekend meant no internet connection at all. The only fortunate thing was I sent the first draft of my assignment to my own email thus I was able to forward it for submission. No changes could be made. Hence, the deadline passed and I submitted something that I knew was utter rubbish.

While I was in the minibus touring the beautiful Scotland Highland, the truth struck me. I set wrong priority list. I could have made few sacrifices for the assignment, but the travelling got hold on me so much I did not want to miss it. But I came to the UK for study and the fullfilment of my strong desire to travel should be just a bonus. Yet they became more important than my main objective. What a silly thing to do.

Well, there is no point of crying over spilled milk now. I hope that experience and this post will always serve as my self-reminders whenever I get sidetracked again. Always remember why you started in the first place and do it with heart.


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