cold-blooded journalist

27 Jan

I went to library to watch An Inconvenient Truth to find that the DVD was missing. So, I watched an older movie “Hotel Rwanda”. It was based on a real story of a man  Paul Rusesabagina. He saved more than 1000 people from genocide in Rwanda in 1994.  He kept them in the hotel he managed and used his financial power and connections to military personnels to keep the killers at bay. The genocide itself took almost a million people lives within 100 days.

Scene by scene, each seemed too cruel to be true. It starts from when Paul’s neighbour was beaten. Then when violence broke out, the UN only saved all the westerners and left the Africans to their death. Their lives were traded with bottles of whiskey. And, how can one forget the scene of the foggy dawn when Paul found thousands of dead bodies on the street? How can one doesn’t feel the stink when Paul, so hopeful of the help his people would get after knowing that the footage of the genocide would be shown overseas, was told off by the reporter who shot the scenes that people would just say ‘oh god it’s horrible’ and continue to eat their dinner. It’s awfully true. We heard the news everywhere; but as if they were just something vague, we just felt thankful that we were not there.   

A worse thing I found out afterward was apparently the radio reporter who was fanning the hatred and encouraging Hutu people to kill all the Tutsi people was a Belgian reporter. Media is so powerful that it can make it or break it. It was so horrible to use the power in such a way. Worst of all, he was not even Hutu – Hutu may still have the historical reason to feel bitter toward Tutsi.

It’s horrible. Really. I’ve been lucky enough that I have no personal bad discrimination experience, but many in my country had. People died because of their race and skin colour. Nothing came close to the scale that happened in Rwanda, but they were already bad enough. Does difference always have to mean threat?  

Perhaps now we can ask, “How about Darfur?” 

Save Darfur petition

About Paul Rusesabagina 

About Lieutenant-General Roméo Dallaire – UN peacekeeper at Rwanda that time who insisted to stay back and saved as many as he could


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