Fishy money generating system

11 Feb

I don’t quite get the big hoo-ha about cash-for-honour. Is it really unexpected that such large donations will be repaid somehow in certain form?

Recently some Labour Party’s members have been under investigation. They have allegedly rewarded some people with honourable titles in return for their donation. Last week, The New Statesman magazine, being cautious, warns David Cameron to be careful about his own party’s funding because Baron Ashcroft of Chichester, who loaned them £3.6 million, happens to be the deputy party chairman.

Does it mean that when someone donate or loan few million pounds to a party, it’s assumed that he/she does it solely based on pure support for the party’s causes and not based on any other motive? Is it a reasonable assumption?

Mr Ashcroft may have work his way up the party ladder partly due to his big ‘support’ to the party. So, if Tories win the next election and Mr Ascroft, an important figure in the Conservative Party, may then hold important position in the government. Is his loan part of the road to the new position? Isn’t it worse than mere honourable title?

It reminds me of a news piece about a restaurant critics who was sued by the restaurant that she criticised because she said that the chicken
marsala was “so sweet as to be inedible”. With common sense, it can easily be understood that she used a hyperbole. However, the restaurant won the lawsuit. If only the critic replaced ‘inedible’ with ‘almost inedible’, thing may turn out differently.

It seems that the same intention that worded differently can determine whether it is legal or illegal. Common sense tells me something is fishy here.


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