Crawling, not even walking

20 Feb

I had expected it to be difficult, but I have not expected interviewing to be this difficult.

On top of having to pick up the phone and talk to some strangers, I must formulate questions – good questions – to get information out of the interviewee. What is good clever question?

Today I called a lady to interview her. After five minutes or so, she got really annoyed. She asked, “Do you have any idea what information you want to get from this interview? You lack focus.” Then she started telling me the whole story and asked, “Did I answer all your questions?” And, she reminded me once again, “Set the purpose for your interview.” I was so embarrassed, but thanked her anyway for her advice. Not many people take time to point out someone’s else mistakes in front of him/her, so I think she did it with good intention.

The whole conversation made me realized some blunders I made.
1. I jumped into the conversation expecting certain information. When the fact was not what I expected, I did not know how to react.
2. I lack knowledge on the subject I ask thus I started asking stupid questions.
3. My questions were too broad and at the same time I was thinking too narrowly.
4. Ask Ask how much time available for the interview.
5. I did not really know the telephone norms here. Should I use the first name or the last name? How casual it should be?
Basically I did not ask the right questions.

I guess I’m really crawling in this journalism thing.

Never mind! Will do better tomorrow – after spending tonight healing my brushed ego.


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