Miss last week? Read The Week

10 Mar

I have read very few news for the past few weeks. I was too busy (arguable) and mentally exhausted (or simply lazy nerve kicking in?). So I bought this week issue of The Week.

Splendid magazine idea. It targets busy or/and lazy people who cannot afford to be left behind by their more dilligent peer. Not only that, I found the content is really good and enjoyable, they also make effort to draw out different views so the readers know the on-going debates. Best of all, all done in so few words.

In a story, it started with a story of a student crying because she got to go to a less desirable school. Her dad then decided to send her to a private school instead. Some families – many are wealthy middle class – dislike the lottery system and there was student (read: kid) protest outside the townhall. On the other hand, the Independent argued that the lottery system is fairer to less fortunate students. But, The Observer questioned if the policy targetted at the right thing at the first place. It said that  parents actually shunned certain school because of the disruptive students rather than the second rate teachers. All of these views are written in less than 600 words.

I like to mixture of news too. I think it tries to be objective and serious yet light enough for weekend reading. I know that I would miss out a lot and I face yet another filtering layer, but this is better than nothing. I would still say, “Miss last week? Read The Week.” 😀


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