23 Mar

photo-45.jpgHow little we know about people around us. People meet everyday, talk everyday, but sometimes it is so little that has been communicated.

The one week in Citizen Media class was really interesting. People shared personal stories and found out about each other. It was not easy. I had been rather personal so I was not used to all this sharing-in-group stuff but it was an interesting process. Each of us, whether Indian, Chinese, Canadian, Italian, English, Welsh, or Indonesian, has stories to tell – some stories are so different than yours but others are like your own. Everyone has own likings, experiences, pains, troubles and hopes.

How at times it is easier to see ourselves through the story of others. 

Thanks the whole class for such an enjoyable week.
PS: The constant tea, coffee and Welsh cakes certainly made it nicer too. Champagne at the end of the class was splendid.


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