which is better

6 Apr

Well, I must say I am quite surprised by the casuality of drug use here.

In Asia, or certainly in Singapore and Indonesia, it is a big deal to use drug. It is not common among the youth. Only certain people who are very adventurous will try it.

I spent a great deal of my youth in Singapore. The government is really strict there. So, I consider the risk is too high in comparison to the fun. Possessing more than certain amount, one can land oneself a capital punishment. The lesser case will have few canes. The psychological suffering by cane is so huge that it was reported that some begged, uselessly, to serve longer jail term rather than being caned. Also, I would be on the blacklist and would lose my chance for education and work. The government talks about second chance, but if we look around, the society does not give the second chance. So, it was easy to resist drug.

In the West, however, it seems so casual. Light and moderate drug users are not ‘gone’. I still do not see the benefits. Like my attitude toward tobacco, I think it was such as pity – the money burned or injected can be put into better use. But I must admit, the drug-unfriendly environment helped a lot to resist drug. So, I quite admire those who try, but know how to limit themselves.

However, I still wonder about all the debates about legalising or tightening law on drugs. It is true, people will get good quality products, the government earns the taxes, and the youngsters feel less challenged thus lose the interest in trying. It is true that many people used and do not get wasted. However, on the other hand, it is leaving the responsibility to resist to the youngsters themselves and it is really not easy for them to do. Is it fair to ask so much from the youngsters? 

The West often talk about freedom of choice to answer many questions. But sometimes I think too many choices are not good either. My Eastern mind still believe there are goodness in my world of less choices. Where is the middle?


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