Courting the court

17 Apr

The neighbour from hell, a 82 year-old woman, has been sentenced to six months jail term for making her neighbour life miserable, BBC reported (see:

It’s utterly shocking. Even though it is correct by law that the woman has to be sentenced, but judging from the age, it is rather ridiculous. It is a 82 year-old we are talking about, who has to walk using a walking stick.  It must be an absolute misery for her and to be carried into her grave with her. Despite the fairness in the judgement, I can’t help feeling sorry for the old lady. I think the matter can actually be settled better out of the court system, through mediation and talks whereby both parties can reach some agreeable terms to live side by side.

I am not sure if this ending is what Casa family wished to see to happen to their neighbour; there is no report about it. I suspect that they actually wanted to put a stop to the harassment they were getting and not to punish the old lady.

In my country, people negotiate a lot to solve problems – too much that sometimes the matter that should have gone to court is settled privately. But here is the other extreme where most of the things seemed to be settled in court. 


One Response to “Courting the court”

  1. mariani April 20, 2007 at 11:05 pm #

    As a note, during subsequent broadcast, apparently the Casa family as well as the neighbourhood people were very happy with the ruling. The wicked grandma has disturbed them very long and was already given an anti anti-social behaviour notice, which she ignored.

    Still, I think it is really bad to jail an old woman. More mediations still should have been done.

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