New rulers of the world

31 May


The new rulers of the world is written by John Pilger, a very good journalist with very good investigative skills. It is published in 2002. It tells the human’s stories and what, why and by who the real stories are written. The stories that we should know but often being denied from knowing, especially for people who come from countries with less freedom of speech.

I can personally relate to the book because of the particular chapter on Indonesia. It is about why Indonesia is what it is now and about the 1965 revolution. I somewhat know what is happening but not completely understand it. The chapter made me shiver. I learned more about the powers that are working in the country and understand why things have gone the way they are – the motivation. It also made me see how much power and money can do.

Only now I understand why people say that we need to know the history to understand the present. And history can repeat itself – again and again and again – until something is done. The story of Indonesia is being repeated in many other countries and now even in Iraq. The greatest prize of south east Asia set a precedence for more bloody occurances in other countries.

Pilger really knows his stuff before each interview and churn out data off his head, rebuked his interviewees’ attempts to misinformed him, at times using their own data.

I think this book is a must read and very reasonably priced.


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