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Stop complaining about Indonesia

8 Jun

“If you want to complain about Indonesia, the list will go and on,” my friend told me, signalling me to stop. I was telling her the new light into our own history and why things work as what they are now, that there are few rich and powerful people determining how millions of people should live. She was bored and annoyed.

“What’s the use of knowing. Nothing will ever change,” she said.

Indonesians are famous for its acceptance of fate. When people have an accident and break their leg, they said, “Thank goodness it’s only my leg. I still have my life.” Continue reading


Critical thinking 5

1 Jun


I wonder if Winnie the pooh is really story for children.
The intended meaning seems to target the mind of adults.

In this example, Winnie the pooh story is an example of fallacy in argument – begging the question.

Begging the question means the premisses presuppose the truth of the conclusion. 
In this case, Winnie the pooh draws a map based on his own imagination and then claims that the treasure is buried when he thinks it is buried. He presuppose that his imagination will lead to the truth. Even if he does find the treasure, it will be based on pure good luck. There is no logical strength in the argument.

 It’s a widely used fallacious argument.