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come out to light

9 Aug

As I am researching about immigrants in the UK, I found one thing that was rather difficult to comprehend: Everyone is willing to talk to me, except the Chinese groups. The EU high commissioner was on holiday but quick to reply to ask me to schedule an slot with his PA, a professor at the university was really helpful, a Chinese researcher told me his phone number, another Chinese writer did the same.

Trying to reach the Chinese support groups, I found out that it was almost so much tougher. They either missed the appointment time, said they were very busy or just told me a plain “No. I cant help you.” Even the free legal helpline for Chinese migrant, during phone-in time, was too busy to accept my request for a 10-minute chat on how they are helping the migrants. The officer told me, “Just send in your questions and let’s see who will reply you.” My plea for a possible name I can contact was plainly declined as well. It has been a week and I don’t think there is much hope for any reply. Continue reading