Indonesia’s mindset on its 63rd Independence Day

17 Aug

Indonesia goes through its 63rd birthday and it was marked with a bad sign.

The highlight of today is perhaps an accident at the flag ceremony at the Presidential Palace, when the master of the ceremony found the knife at the tip of his rifle fell off to the ground.

Speculations have arise around it. Some say it is a bad ‘sign’ for the country. Another dismissed this view as superstition. But one thing for sure, the commander was lack of discipline to check his weapon and the lack of willingness to have a perfect ceremony.

The drop of the rifle’s knife should not happen and would be avoided should he spent few minutes checking it. It saved him and the whole nation the embarrashment. It is only a simple ceremony, for goodness. If now we are organizing an Olympic, how many blunders would have been made?

How many practices and rehearsals do you think the performers at the Beijing Olympic opening had before the real thing took place? Even the carriers of medal holders had gone through rigurous selection and training.

Lack of discipline is not a new thing in Indonesia. You will often find government offices — especially in the regions — empty after Friday prayer session at noon. Or in the recent case, as the reason for an Indonesian weightlifter to lose at the Olympic.

“Lacks of preparation for the Games, because of preparing for the National Game last month. Of course I am disappointed,” she said.

She had no reason to be disappoint because she did not seem to want the medal bad enough. She went there to lose.

Discipline is one thing we lack, but the will to be the best in the big sea — not only in a small pond — seems to be the real problem. Only fighting among your peers and dare not challenge the world.


2 Responses to “Indonesia’s mindset on its 63rd Independence Day”

  1. theresia October 18, 2008 at 2:07 am #

    Hi Mari!

    I was googling for “indonesian mindset” when I discovered your lovely blog. I share your view on this matter. Sigh, Indonesia is truly a puzzle. Such a large country with unfulfilled potential, all exploited by ignorant people.

  2. mariani October 26, 2008 at 10:07 am #

    Hey Theresia, glad to get your comment.
    Looking at myself, I am one of such ignorant people. 🙂
    Lets just fulfill our own potentials as the first step.

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