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Food raids leave expats facing empty shelves

26 Oct

“I imported the materials for my breads and they are all already registered with BPOM (The Food and Drug Monitoring Agency) so I have no problem…But the sad thing is for Germans who want to have special sausage mustard, now cannot get it,” Thomas Bart who runs Edel Weiss delicatessen shop said on Saturday while tending his stall at a school event.

“There are certain things you cannot substitute with local products, like salami or cheese,” he said.

Jun, a Korean restaurant owner, also told the Post that he was running out of materials while Mudrika, a cook for Korean executives at a factory in Tangerang, worried about what she would have to cook for her bosses.

“Their taste buds cannot take local products. I used some local dried fish before and they did not like the dish. This week I still had enough to vary three different menus a day, seven days a week. But if this continue, I will have to tell them to eat local food,” she said, after shopping at half-empty Mu Gung Hwa Korean food specialty shop in Tangerang on Tuesday. Continue reading