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Food raids leave expats facing empty shelves

26 Oct

“I imported the materials for my breads and they are all already registered with BPOM (The Food and Drug Monitoring Agency) so I have no problem…But the sad thing is for Germans who want to have special sausage mustard, now cannot get it,” Thomas Bart who runs Edel Weiss delicatessen shop said on Saturday while tending his stall at a school event.

“There are certain things you cannot substitute with local products, like salami or cheese,” he said.

Jun, a Korean restaurant owner, also told the Post that he was running out of materials while Mudrika, a cook for Korean executives at a factory in Tangerang, worried about what she would have to cook for her bosses.

“Their taste buds cannot take local products. I used some local dried fish before and they did not like the dish. This week I still had enough to vary three different menus a day, seven days a week. But if this continue, I will have to tell them to eat local food,” she said, after shopping at half-empty Mu Gung Hwa Korean food specialty shop in Tangerang on Tuesday. Continue reading


Orphans shop with one-day parents

28 Sep


The Jakarta Post ,  Jakarta   |  Sat, 09/27/2008 11:57 AM  |  City

One-day foster parents gave some 200 orphans the chance to do some Idul Fitri shopping before the major Islamic holiday coming up.

The kids were allowed to buy anything they wanted with the Rp 200,000 (US$21) the foster parents had donated, at the Ciputra Mall in Jakarta on Wednesday afternoon. Most chose clothing over toys.

Titi Masnuni, a 16-year-old sponsored by Adinda Foundation, was pleasantly surprised when she arrived at the event and found out about it. Continue reading

Social status no matter for mingling children

17 Aug

The Jakarta Post ,  Jakarta   |  Mon, 08/11/2008 10:29 AM  |  City

Young performers prepare to entertain their counterparts Saturday at Suropati Park in Central Jakarta, in celebration of Children’s Day. (JP/Mariani Dewi)

CHILDREN FOR CHILDREN: Young performers prepare to entertain their counterparts Saturday at Suropati Park in Central Jakarta, in celebration of Children’s Day. (JP/Mariani Dewi)

Children from different walks of life shared a morning of fun Saturday at a children’s get-together, as part of national Children’s Day celebrations in Jakarta.

Some 500 school children from financially secure families and 500 street children met and played traditional games together before watching performances of songs, poetry reading, dances and clowns at Suropati Park, Central Jakarta.

“We let the children — rich and poor — play together, to show them they are the same and that they can do things together. We want them to get to know each other and develop empathy from an early age,” Roostien Ilyas of the National Commission for Child Protection told The Jakarta Post.

“We are losing our sense of solidarity between different religions, social strata and ethnic backgrounds. It is hard to change our old ways, but we can reach out with children,” said Roostien, also head of Nanda Dian Nusantara NGO. Continue reading

Opera review: Carmen

3 Mar


The simplicity of the stage setting and costume design used by Welsh National Opera in the new version of the famous opera Carmen has allowed the personality of the characters sparkle. Carmen has been one of the most performed operas despite the cold reception at the launch in 1875. Written by Georges Bizet, it is about a free-spirit Spanish gipsy woman who has many admirers. Her sense of freedom has taken her from one lover to another. She makes a soldier falls in love with her. She then dumps him because she realizes that he is not her match, and fall for another man. The broken-hearted Don Jose stalks Carmen and begs for her return. After she repeatedly refuses, he kills her.

The new adaptation, directed by Patrice Caurier and Moshe Leiser, integrates singing and dialogue resulting in theatrical feeling. The cast is strong as a whole, except the rather disorganized children’s singing. Sara Fulgoni as Carmen and Rafael Rojas as Don Jose played their turf cards. Adding to her rich voice, Ms. Fulgoni uses her body language to depict the sensuality and pride of a beautiful gipsy. Her performance is captivating and she naturally attracts the attention. Mr Rojas’ acting, however, sometimes falls flat. But once he sings, he manages to portray Don Jose’s feeling beautifully.

The act is well supported by the orchestra, which helps create the climaxes. During dialogues, the music stops; yet the suspension created earlier together with the strong presence of the actors manage to overcome the quietness. Lightings are smartly used to enhance the dramatic effect of the scenes. During act 3, lighting creates the illusion of dawn and the movement of people across the mountains. The bareness of the stage allows the spectators’ focus to fall on the characters. This is a challenge as well as chance for the actors to show their capability.

Making it even better, the costumes are brilliant. In the first three acts, the earth-tone colours costumes, blended with the lighting effect and the stage’s design, naturally lead the viewers to imagine a dusty poor rural area in their head.

It is definitely a show worth seeing. The next performance of “Carmen” is on 2nd March 2007 at Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff. It is sung in French with English & Welsh subtitles.