Restart of lives in early spring


February Swansea


Winter colours


2007 Scotland


2006 What to do in the autumn at Buckingham Palace


2006 Autumn at Bute Park, Cardiff, Wales, UK

cimg9878.JPG cimg0035.JPG cimg0041.JPGcimg0031.JPG cimg9891.JPGcimg9933.JPGcimg9945.JPGcimg9913.JPG

2006 Remembrance Day in London, UK

cimg9682-1.JPG img_3132.JPGcimg9716-1.JPG cimg9728.JPG

2005 Singapore


2005 Jakarta, Indonesia (not my work 😀 )



One Response to “Pictures”

  1. Doris November 24, 2006 at 12:16 am #

    hey, show me some pictures of beautiful islands in Indonesia~:)
    I like the picture of fallen leaves~~~

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